All Kinds of Mathematics Remind me of You

Conference to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Peter J. Cameron
FCUL 24-27 July 2017
Lisbon - Portugal

Universidade Aberta    Universidade de Aveiro    Universidade de Coimbra    Universidade de Lisboa

Peter Cameron    

Gathering excellence where Cameron excels: Combinatorics,
Groups, Model Theory, Number Theory, Semigroups, Statistics,
and more...

Invited Speakers

L. Babai (Chicago)
R. Bailey (St Andrews)
W. Bentz (Hull)
R. Calderbank (Duke)


F. Matucci (Campinas)
A. Macintyre (Queen Mary, London)
J. Meakin (Nebraska-Lincoln)
J. D. Mitchell (St Andrews)

P. Cameron (St Andrews)   P. M. Neumann (Oxford)  
G. Cherlin (Rutgers)   J. Nešetřil (Charles)  
P. Diaconis (Stanford)   P. Pálfy (Rényi Institute)  
C. Freer (MIT)   C. Praeger (UWA)  
M. Giudici   (UWA)   C. Roney-Dougal (St Andrews)  
R. Gray (East Anglia)   G. Royle (UWA)  
A. Hulpke (Colorado)   B. Steinberg (City College NY)  
G. Jones (Southampton)   P. Silva (Porto)  
M. Kinyon (Denver)   L. Soicher (Queen Mary, London)  
D. Leemans (Bruxelles)   P. Spiga (Milano-Bicocca)  
H. Leitão (Lisboa)   M. Volkov  (Ural State)  

D. Macpherson (Leeds)
A. Malheiro (UNL)


B. Zilber (Oxford)



Satellite Workshop: Symmetry in Finite and Infinite Structures

28 July, FCUL, Lisbon - Portugal


  • Graph Isomorphism: the ingredients
    László Babai
    9:00-10:30 and 11:00-12:30
  • Parallel sessions with contributed talks on
    semigroups | groups and combinatorics | logic | statistics
    Deadline for submissions: March 19, 2017

Organizing Committee

João Araújo (Aberta)        Teresa Oliveira (Aberta)          

Mário Edmundo (Lisboa)
Maria Elisa Fernandes (Aveiro)
Gracinda Gomes (Lisboa)

       Ana Paula Santana (Coimbra) 
       Ivan Yudin (Coimbra)



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